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The latest in iPhone and Android apps

Such is the fervor that mobile phone users show towards smartphones that have already become our inseparable companions. In fact, mobile applications are determining factors when choosing an operator or another.

According to a study by Analysys Mason, 20 percent of the population has a smartphone would be willing to change their company just to have access to specific content.

For this reason, manufacturers and mobile operators compete in a race to bring to market the best applications. And in this area, we must recognize that iSO iPhone and Android are the clear winners in this battle of operating systems.

The Apple brand, undisputed queen

Although the placement of Android has been growing like wildfire in recent years, has nothing to do with the service offered by Apple. The success among its users is incomparable and, today, its operating system is still the benchmark.

Proof of this is the percentage of iPhoneros loyalty, with almost 90% of users say they do not change iPhone for another brand. Android data, meanwhile, show less loyalty: only 39% buy back a 28% HTC and a Samsung.

As for the speed of the mobile device, iPhone also leads to its competitor, even even with virtually matched hardware. This can be perceived as opening or closing applications.

But not all perfect in the world of Apple. The audience you are targeting Android is far broader, because anyone can have a smarphone with this operating system. Moreover, almost all available web applications are free, which does not occur in the case of iPhone. The user profile of the latter is loving people high-end technology, therefore, is not afraid to pay for access to certain content.

The three star applications

There are plenty of useful app that make our life easier in our daily routines, from GPS navigators to interactive guidebooks, educational programs for preparing an examination applications that help you to improve physical performance or even some financial education.

But as the list is endless and it would be impossible to mention them all, then we will list the three most interesting applications that are available for free on both platforms:

Gas Stations Spain: the price of fuel is an issue that has always concerned greatly to society due to the constant increases. Therefore, this application will help you save and be your best ally when you move away. Quickly indicates the gas station closest to your position at the best price, as well as to customize the content according to driver preference: brand gas station, fuel or maximum distance.
Instagram: the best way to share your photos with family friendsand in different social networks. To give a touch of color photo effects can be applied as filters, frames and retro or vintage tones.

Minube: This service provides the ability to find the best recommendations for leisure and tourism worldwide through three options: what to see, where to eat and where to sleep. It is certainly a great app to store our travel journal as we discover new places.

Buy a computer, a very personal

What do you want?, Where do we use? and how much we want to spend? These are the three main questions we have to ask before buying a computer.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a computer is the use to which it will provide. Not the same team for personal and family leisure one that used to work, as you need to keep in mind if you are going to use located in a fixed place or whether to carry around all day or Travel. Leaving aside the compact and tablet (which we will discuss in future articles) options range from desktop computer to laptop.

Desktop computer

If no one is needed to facilitate mobility, the best option is the desktop computer. The options for customizing are many: you can choose between a brand name clone or will be installed by the user, purchasing the components separately. In any case, you should always keep in mind that while buying the latest technology, soon hit the market better and sometimes even cheaper.

Therefore, before purchasing a computer or renovating the old one, you should pay special attention to the following components:

- Number of cores, processor speed and brand

- Capacity, type and number of hard drives

- Number and speed of the RAM

- Number of RAM, type and brand of graphics card

- Reader-Writer CD, DVD or Blu-ray

- Monitor, keyboard, mouse

- Rest of connections (Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI, number and type of USB card reader …)

There is an almost unlimited number of configurations between different components. The most powerful, modern and brands will increase the cost of the equipment, so it is advisable to compare the different offers to choose who provides better quality for less money.

Notebook: size does matter

Size-weight, autonomy and functionality are the main features to be taken into account for the acquisition of this type of computer.

- Size-weight. If we opt for a laptop is because we’re moving with it. The more comfortable to transport are from ten to fourteen inches, plus ultrafine threatening the hegemony of traditional laptops.

- Autonomy. Not always easily accessible to a socket, so it is important that the laptop is efficient in terms of autonomy and battery. Most computers have a battery life of between four and six hours.

- Features. The configuration of these devices is more limited than desktop computers, we can mount component, but it is important that we look at the type of microprocessor, RAM, graphics card, hard drive and the number and type of connections offer.

It’s best if you do not have many computer skills, is to be guided by comparative studies published in specialized magazines about computers, and performing independent bodies, such as article of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) with the assessment of the best laptops of 2012, for example.

How to save?

- “Look, compare and if you find something better … buy it”. Consumers demand the three “B”: good, nice, cheap. And to buy a computer also can apply this maxim. How? Looking and comparing. Although it sounds like a cliché this is the best way to find the desired equipment at the lowest price.

- Term of sales and special offers at shops and department stores. Fantastic week, on VAT, the summer sales and winter are the best times to access a computer cheaply, especially if you know what the original price was promotional season.

- Internet. Virtual stores, with Amazon leading the way, can help you save money. Yes, well look at the characteristics of computers that offer, you must take into account the shipping costs.


The price of a computer does not have to be a disorder on the wallet. You can finance your purchase and pay in easy installments with credit according to the needs of each user. In this way, you can get the best equipment without imposing a great economic effort. Also, computer shops, department stores and computer companies facilitate the purchase of computers with discounts and deferred payments.

Other agencies also help the buyer. This is the case of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, which, to promote the use of ICTs through recourse to the Loan Plan Avanza Digital Citizenship and Youth and College Loan.

Outlets online sale, buy with intelligence

The immediacy and ease of buy conveniently from home via the Internet has become a trend to be stronger day by day. The rise of new technologies has triggered a gradual increase in online businesses that offer the opportunity to purchase products at a great price. Discover all the details.

First were the outlets at street level that began to flood the cities with aggressive discounts and other seasonal items at a great price. And now, while still on the rise, the new fad passes online retail outlets.

Economically priced and quality = outlet

Whichever product you seek, sure we can find it in a store selling online. From technology, to perfumes and fragrances, to fashion and accessories. Everything has a place on the Internet. Even the sale of leisure plans acquires a prominent role in recent times.

The trading strategy that follows this type of online business is based on the application of large discounts on the price of certain items that have in batches, with a number of stocks. To do this, they rely on marketing campaigns developed through social networks and email.

In fact, the success of social networks can encourage this type of online stores that grow on par with the followers of their profiles. Once you have accessed your portals is hard to resist not to buy something after watching the prices of its portfolio of stocks. At times, based on the cost reduction is 60%, although the most common is usually up to about 20 to 30% off. Enough if, with the times, is to save and not scratching your pocket too.

Pay safe and reliable

Most web sales outlets require payment by credit card or by Paypal system and typically include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Electronic Commerce, which guarantees the confidentiality of data on the Internet. If not, be wary.

The use of credit cards should not be a barrier to purchasing an article on the Internet as the security measures adopted by banks are high. Yet many people are still reluctant to such payments. Thus, many banks, aware of such fears in society, have introduced the use of virtual accounts that only serve to operate over the Internet. Through them, the required amount is transferred to the payment from the customer’s account to the virtual, from where the payment is made, so that the procedure is safe and no problems arising from that purchase online.

In addition, few web shops that let you pay on delivery due to the risk it poses to the company that the buyer does not pick up the product at your destination, and the company has to assume the payment of postage.

Advantages, multiple

Besides safety payment system, competitive price and more lowered than usual should appreciate the convenience offered through Internet buy: avoid unnecessary travel and ensures almost immediate delivery.

Even if it’s a sale online, almost all dedicated to this business portals allow the return of their products if they work, are damaged or do not respond to our demands. To ensure the existence of this clause must be sure before ordering.

There’s no excuse to check out for yourself the benefits of online outlets!

New iPad, is it worth the change?

Apple launches new assault on the tablet market to hit pixel

Every time Apple releases a new version of one of their products, there is the debate. Is it worth the change for those who once took on the “final” version? If we remember, there are few occasions where Apple has an article that disappoint their expectations. And the new iPad, perhaps become the flagship of the company founded by Steve Jobs, not one of these exceptions. So the answer is yes.
But what gives this version? The new iPad, which surely bears no numbers and is called exactly that “new iPad” – has its greatest virtue in a higher resolution display (Retina Display System of 2048 × 1536 pixels) which means a revolution in these devices. Its 3.1 million pixels can appreciate even the smallest detail. In fact, it is the largest screen resolution has ever seen on a mobile device (rather than a HDTV)
Newest goes inside
In addition, Apple has developed a more powerful processor (A5 +) for the new iPad, which also features a 5 megapixel camera capable of recording video at 1080p and 4G connectivity (up to 73 Mbps). All with virtually the same dimensions (only 6 mm over background) but with a little more weight (about 50 grams) and with the same battery life (10 hours), despite the new features.
What first-time users?, Should enter fully into the world of tablets with the latest version? The answer is again, yes. Even for those more “conservative” is a good idea to purchase a previous version secondhand. If something good to bring the “appleadictos” the market is the urgent need to acquire the latest immediately, so it is always possible to negotiate the purchase of one of their “old” equipment at a good price, allowing them to finance their new purchase.
The price of the new iPad ranges from $ 499 16GB model with Wi-Fi up to 829 of the 64 GB with Wi-Fi and 4G). By the way, to avoid disappointment it never hurts to buy insurance that covers accidental damage or theft of the device, and if you need finance can do it comfortably from Apple Store.

Eight tips for safe shopping this Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is a U.S. practice now increasing sales through e-commerce, powered with discounts. If you go to buy a product, it’s good to consider some tips.

1) Do not use Wi-Fi connections of questionable reliability or public use devices: Remember that public Wi-Fi networks, whether free or password protected, may be being intercepted, so it is advisable to make online transactions through own network or someone you trust.
2) Do not use public-use devices: In the case of online transactions, we recommend the use of technological devices of confidence, so as to be sure that they are not infected with malicious code that could steal sensitive information about your account or cards. If you doubt the status of your computer, perform a scan with antivirus software before purchase.
3) Shop through e-Commerce services with a reputation known or recommended: To avoid being scammed when making a purchase or be robbed of bank data, we recommend making purchases through services with high reputation or recommended .
4) Update your system and applications: Keep your system and updated applications will get you protected from threats that use vulnerabilities and corrected by the suppliers thereof.
5) Avoid links in emails: Because cyber criminals often use social engineering via email to lure their victims so they can steal your bank details, you should avoid clicking on links that are received by this route. To enter the sites where bids are submitted, it is recommended to write the address of the web page in the browser and verify that this deal really exists.
6) Check the security of e-Commerce: It is essential to verify that the site that is sailing way to send encrypted data, ie operating under HTTPS instead of HTTP. You can check this in the address bar, in front of the site URL.
7) Check the movement of credit and debit cards used: When using these means of payment, it is advisable to check the movements in the same once the transaction to make sure everything happened as expected.
8) Use antivirus tools to detect and block threats: In addition to implementing best practices, you should use a proactive security solution to keep the computer protected from even unknown threats.
“To enjoy the benefits it provides Internet, it is important that users implement some basic prevention rules so that your online purchases are safe and time saving and convenience of purchasing holiday gifts from home does not impact on stealing information or money because of a computer attack.

The world’s most famous watches

Throughout history , mankind since the beginning of the manufacture of watches has been fascinating, example of this is the construction of the various historical monuments found throughout the world , where it has at its height in his great watch a huge majority , becoming symbols in each place in which they are located.
In this article, we take a tour and we will present the world’s most famous timepieces , which attract thousands of tourists every year in different cities.

The Clock Tower ( Big Ben ) . It is undoubtedly the world’s most famous clock . This enormous jewel is located in England . Each year this monument is visited by thousands of tourists who fall for the Victorian Gothic style design that owns the tower. In the tower there is a total of 4 watches and these in turn are built so their hands are not altered by any atmospheric factor and mark well the ” English punctuality .

Prague Astronomical Clock . This historic clock was built during the Middle Ages . The Clock, consists of an astronomical dial symbolizing the position of the Sun and Moon . It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city and its combination with astronomical details and the time in which each ride e1ncarnando presents figures of the apostles , is certainly a historic symbol you must know .

Strasbourg Astronomical Clock . This massive piece of fascination and innovation is located in the Cathedral . It was built in the year 1843 and this great invention has the ability to calculate solar and lunar eclipses . It is a clock that shows unparalleled charm , as each night 12:30 mark , shows a lot of life-size figures of Christ and the apostles.

Colgate clock , New Jersey , United States. This huge jewel of the invention , was manufactured in 1924 and has a diameter of 50 feet, is one of the most fascinating places in this American city and this watch gives you the magic touch .

Bern Clock . The clock tower of Bern is located in the city of Bern , Switzerland. This huge jewel of perfection began building next to the tower since 1191 and its construction was completed for 1256.
Here we are with the list of the world’s most famous watches , hope you enjoyed the list we did and if you like any personally emblematic clock we can leave in knowledge below .

Kintaro Hattori Seiko Astron Special Limited Edition

The human being from creation liked the special treatment , thus reaches the global watch market this gem that few can stand on their wrists , as it is for special customers , talk SAST100G model , best known as the Seiko Astron Kintaro Hattori Special Limited Edition.

Seiko as always has had his way with the creation of this special issue in honor of Kintaro Hattori . SAST100G model is a limited edition if a customer really unique Astron Range recommend to get one .
For the first time in the history of Seiko watch is manufactured with the name of Kintaro , which in itself take the definition of their vision ¨ A ¨ step ahead of the rest . The model SAST100G caliber 7 × 72 is a clock handy and easy to use . Constructed with a titanium case high strength, no doubt that Seiko has been able to clearly define what is a Special Edition ¨ ¨ .

Within the manufacturing specifications and officers who have the SAST100G , may include the following :
speciation techniques
caliber 7X52
GPS controlled time zone setting
Perpetual calendar correct to February 2100
Display result of signal reception
World time function ( 39 time zones)
Hours of daylight saving time function
Power Saving Function
Accuracy: + / -15 seconds per month ( with no signal receive time and temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C

Manufacturing Specifications :
Case: Titanium
Bezel: Ceramic
Strap: Crocodile
Extra Bracelet : Titanium
Water Resistance: 10 bar
Crystal: Sapphire
Case Ø : 47,00 mm
Available : September 2013
A clock is completely driven by sunlight . It is a self-sufficient and accurate clock in each time zone in the world. This edition SEIKO ASTRON can get the accurate local time automatically or by request , you just have to press a button.
SAST100G model accuracy is one second per 100,000 years, or you’ll have precision atomic clock on your wrist , which is impressive , what they have achieved with this unique gem .
The Seiko Astron KH Special Limited Edition, works on the move , getting every moment information, while other models of radio-controlled watch static state need to be in order to receive the signal. With the GPS system has included the connection is automatic once a day when the watch is fully charged , it automatically connects to a satellite to update time information .
The model SAST100G has complete coverage of the world’s time zones , with a total 39 zones, much more coverage than any other watch with features of this similarity , reaching as much as 29 time zones .
And one of the features it has is rather peculiar Perpetual calendar , so you have the exact date of each day until February 2100, including leap years.
The official launch of the Seiko Astron KH Special Limited Edition is scheduled for next September and will be only about 5000 watches for customers will Astron . Furthermore, this limited edition will feature onyx -tipped crown and symbol TYO ¨ ¨ gold , a true gem that you can buy for about € 3.500 approximately .