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The world’s most famous watches

Throughout history , mankind since the beginning of the manufacture of watches has been fascinating, example of this is the construction of the various historical monuments found throughout the world , where it has at its height in his great watch a huge majority , becoming symbols in each place in which they are located.
In this article, we take a tour and we will present the world’s most famous timepieces , which attract thousands of tourists every year in different cities.

The Clock Tower ( Big Ben ) . It is undoubtedly the world’s most famous clock . This enormous jewel is located in England . Each year this monument is visited by thousands of tourists who fall for the Victorian Gothic style design that owns the tower. In the tower there is a total of 4 watches and these in turn are built so their hands are not altered by any atmospheric factor and mark well the ” English punctuality .

Prague Astronomical Clock . This historic clock was built during the Middle Ages . The Clock, consists of an astronomical dial symbolizing the position of the Sun and Moon . It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city and its combination with astronomical details and the time in which each ride e1ncarnando presents figures of the apostles , is certainly a historic symbol you must know .

Strasbourg Astronomical Clock . This massive piece of fascination and innovation is located in the Cathedral . It was built in the year 1843 and this great invention has the ability to calculate solar and lunar eclipses . It is a clock that shows unparalleled charm , as each night 12:30 mark , shows a lot of life-size figures of Christ and the apostles.

Colgate clock , New Jersey , United States. This huge jewel of the invention , was manufactured in 1924 and has a diameter of 50 feet, is one of the most fascinating places in this American city and this watch gives you the magic touch .

Bern Clock . The clock tower of Bern is located in the city of Bern , Switzerland. This huge jewel of perfection began building next to the tower since 1191 and its construction was completed for 1256.
Here we are with the list of the world’s most famous watches , hope you enjoyed the list we did and if you like any personally emblematic clock we can leave in knowledge below .

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