Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

New iPad, is it worth the change?

Apple launches new assault on the tablet market to hit pixel

Every time Apple releases a new version of one of their products, there is the debate. Is it worth the change for those who once took on the “final” version? If we remember, there are few occasions where Apple has an article that disappoint their expectations. And the new iPad, perhaps become the flagship of the company founded by Steve Jobs, not one of these exceptions. So the answer is yes.
But what gives this version? The new iPad, which surely bears no numbers and is called exactly that “new iPad” – has its greatest virtue in a higher resolution display (Retina Display System of 2048 × 1536 pixels) which means a revolution in these devices. Its 3.1 million pixels can appreciate even the smallest detail. In fact, it is the largest screen resolution has ever seen on a mobile device (rather than a HDTV)
Newest goes inside
In addition, Apple has developed a more powerful processor (A5 +) for the new iPad, which also features a 5 megapixel camera capable of recording video at 1080p and 4G connectivity (up to 73 Mbps). All with virtually the same dimensions (only 6 mm over background) but with a little more weight (about 50 grams) and with the same battery life (10 hours), despite the new features.
What first-time users?, Should enter fully into the world of tablets with the latest version? The answer is again, yes. Even for those more “conservative” is a good idea to purchase a previous version secondhand. If something good to bring the “appleadictos” the market is the urgent need to acquire the latest immediately, so it is always possible to negotiate the purchase of one of their “old” equipment at a good price, allowing them to finance their new purchase.
The price of the new iPad ranges from $ 499 16GB model with Wi-Fi up to 829 of the 64 GB with Wi-Fi and 4G). By the way, to avoid disappointment it never hurts to buy insurance that covers accidental damage or theft of the device, and if you need finance can do it comfortably from Apple Store.

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