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The latest in iPhone and Android apps

Such is the fervor that mobile phone users show towards smartphones that have already become our inseparable companions. In fact, mobile applications are determining factors when choosing an operator or another.

According to a study by Analysys Mason, 20 percent of the population has a smartphone would be willing to change their company just to have access to specific content.

For this reason, manufacturers and mobile operators compete in a race to bring to market the best applications. And in this area, we must recognize that iSO iPhone and Android are the clear winners in this battle of operating systems.

The Apple brand, undisputed queen

Although the placement of Android has been growing like wildfire in recent years, has nothing to do with the service offered by Apple. The success among its users is incomparable and, today, its operating system is still the benchmark.

Proof of this is the percentage of iPhoneros loyalty, with almost 90% of users say they do not change iPhone for another brand. Android data, meanwhile, show less loyalty: only 39% buy back a 28% HTC and a Samsung.

As for the speed of the mobile device, iPhone also leads to its competitor, even even with virtually matched hardware. This can be perceived as opening or closing applications.

But not all perfect in the world of Apple. The audience you are targeting Android is far broader, because anyone can have a smarphone with this operating system. Moreover, almost all available web applications are free, which does not occur in the case of iPhone. The user profile of the latter is loving people high-end technology, therefore, is not afraid to pay for access to certain content.

The three star applications

There are plenty of useful app that make our life easier in our daily routines, from GPS navigators to interactive guidebooks, educational programs for preparing an examination applications that help you to improve physical performance or even some financial education.

But as the list is endless and it would be impossible to mention them all, then we will list the three most interesting applications that are available for free on both platforms:

Gas Stations Spain: the price of fuel is an issue that has always concerned greatly to society due to the constant increases. Therefore, this application will help you save and be your best ally when you move away. Quickly indicates the gas station closest to your position at the best price, as well as to customize the content according to driver preference: brand gas station, fuel or maximum distance.
Instagram: the best way to share your photos with family friendsand in different social networks. To give a touch of color photo effects can be applied as filters, frames and retro or vintage tones.

Minube: This service provides the ability to find the best recommendations for leisure and tourism worldwide through three options: what to see, where to eat and where to sleep. It is certainly a great app to store our travel journal as we discover new places.

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