Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Eight tips for safe shopping this Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is a U.S. practice now increasing sales through e-commerce, powered with discounts. If you go to buy a product, it’s good to consider some tips.

1) Do not use Wi-Fi connections of questionable reliability or public use devices: Remember that public Wi-Fi networks, whether free or password protected, may be being intercepted, so it is advisable to make online transactions through own network or someone you trust.
2) Do not use public-use devices: In the case of online transactions, we recommend the use of technological devices of confidence, so as to be sure that they are not infected with malicious code that could steal sensitive information about your account or cards. If you doubt the status of your computer, perform a scan with antivirus software before purchase.
3) Shop through e-Commerce services with a reputation known or recommended: To avoid being scammed when making a purchase or be robbed of bank data, we recommend making purchases through services with high reputation or recommended .
4) Update your system and applications: Keep your system and updated applications will get you protected from threats that use vulnerabilities and corrected by the suppliers thereof.
5) Avoid links in emails: Because cyber criminals often use social engineering via email to lure their victims so they can steal your bank details, you should avoid clicking on links that are received by this route. To enter the sites where bids are submitted, it is recommended to write the address of the web page in the browser and verify that this deal really exists.
6) Check the security of e-Commerce: It is essential to verify that the site that is sailing way to send encrypted data, ie operating under HTTPS instead of HTTP. You can check this in the address bar, in front of the site URL.
7) Check the movement of credit and debit cards used: When using these means of payment, it is advisable to check the movements in the same once the transaction to make sure everything happened as expected.
8) Use antivirus tools to detect and block threats: In addition to implementing best practices, you should use a proactive security solution to keep the computer protected from even unknown threats.
“To enjoy the benefits it provides Internet, it is important that users implement some basic prevention rules so that your online purchases are safe and time saving and convenience of purchasing holiday gifts from home does not impact on stealing information or money because of a computer attack.

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