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Kintaro Hattori Seiko Astron Special Limited Edition

The human being from creation liked the special treatment , thus reaches the global watch market this gem that few can stand on their wrists , as it is for special customers , talk SAST100G model , best known as the Seiko Astron Kintaro Hattori Special Limited Edition.

Seiko as always has had his way with the creation of this special issue in honor of Kintaro Hattori . SAST100G model is a limited edition if a customer really unique Astron Range recommend to get one .
For the first time in the history of Seiko watch is manufactured with the name of Kintaro , which in itself take the definition of their vision ¨ A ¨ step ahead of the rest . The model SAST100G caliber 7 × 72 is a clock handy and easy to use . Constructed with a titanium case high strength, no doubt that Seiko has been able to clearly define what is a Special Edition ¨ ¨ .

Within the manufacturing specifications and officers who have the SAST100G , may include the following :
speciation techniques
caliber 7X52
GPS controlled time zone setting
Perpetual calendar correct to February 2100
Display result of signal reception
World time function ( 39 time zones)
Hours of daylight saving time function
Power Saving Function
Accuracy: + / -15 seconds per month ( with no signal receive time and temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C

Manufacturing Specifications :
Case: Titanium
Bezel: Ceramic
Strap: Crocodile
Extra Bracelet : Titanium
Water Resistance: 10 bar
Crystal: Sapphire
Case Ø : 47,00 mm
Available : September 2013
A clock is completely driven by sunlight . It is a self-sufficient and accurate clock in each time zone in the world. This edition SEIKO ASTRON can get the accurate local time automatically or by request , you just have to press a button.
SAST100G model accuracy is one second per 100,000 years, or you’ll have precision atomic clock on your wrist , which is impressive , what they have achieved with this unique gem .
The Seiko Astron KH Special Limited Edition, works on the move , getting every moment information, while other models of radio-controlled watch static state need to be in order to receive the signal. With the GPS system has included the connection is automatic once a day when the watch is fully charged , it automatically connects to a satellite to update time information .
The model SAST100G has complete coverage of the world’s time zones , with a total 39 zones, much more coverage than any other watch with features of this similarity , reaching as much as 29 time zones .
And one of the features it has is rather peculiar Perpetual calendar , so you have the exact date of each day until February 2100, including leap years.
The official launch of the Seiko Astron KH Special Limited Edition is scheduled for next September and will be only about 5000 watches for customers will Astron . Furthermore, this limited edition will feature onyx -tipped crown and symbol TYO ¨ ¨ gold , a true gem that you can buy for about € 3.500 approximately .

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